More money in your pockets or theirs? Which is it?

Salary increments for our Zambian constitutional office bearers are fine. Just not when the percentage increases are irrational and especially not when the whole affair is shrouded in secrecy.

Friday 3rd August 2012, Lusaka Times Newspaper Report:

“Dr Msiska [Deputy Secretary to the Cabinet] also said that the President’s salary was increased by 57 percent and not 100 percent. Dr Msiska said that some people are mistakenly calculating the increase by lumping two adjustments effected during the MMD regime [the previous government] and the latest adjustment. He added that this is also in line with the government’s vision of offering competitive salaries and conditions of service that would enable the public service attract and retain the best professionals.”

I’m not convinced that these salary increments have been made to “attract and retain the best professionals.” If anything, they are the thing maintaining the older generation’s tight grip on political office. Salaries for ordinary civil servants have not been increased by the same percentage. If that had been the case, maybe the above statement would’ve been abit more believable.

I enjoyed this comment by one of the Lusaka Times readers because it states the truth plainly and in a slightly humorous way:

“I think the president must quickly realise that he is not running a country of fools. We have calculators at home and know the percentage. It’s more money in his pocket.”

We’ve got calculators, sir! The President needs to work that out. The comment also pokes fun at his party’s 2011 election campaign slogan – “more money in YOUR pockets!”

Maybe it’s more money in their pockets first then ours. Maybe we just have to be patient and wait our turn.

Or maybe we already know the answer to that.


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