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Beautiful Zambia

I came across this blog by a gentleman called Nathan Kanema. Thought I’d share some of his amazing photos.

It goes without saying . . . Zambia is beautiful. It’s a country greatly blessed with huge swathes of beautiful, unspoilt scenery. Makes me want to explore it even more! And as a Christian, seeing these images makes me even more in awe of God the Creator.


Thanks for sharing Nathan.


5 replies on “Beautiful Zambia”

Zambia has some amazing scenes. Great to see a growing number of talented photographers expressing their gifts.

I enjoy photography too. Posted a few shots I took in December 2011 to my Twitter account.

And huge thanks again to Nathan Kanema for these shots 🙂

nathan was my husband. he passed away about four months ago. He was an amazing man and so full of talent and he was so in tune with the world around him. God rest his soul…

Ntembe, I’m so sorry to hear about your loss. I’m glad you have wonderful memories to remember Nathan by. I really enjoyed his photos when I stumbled upon on them online. They make me nostalgic of Zambia. I appreciate you commenting. Thank you, Chipo

He was a good person god fearing hard working just got shocked to her he past on wat realy hapened coz he was a good friend to me?

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