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Petition to Stop ALL mining activity in the Lower Zambezi National Park, Zambia.

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From: ‘No Mining in Lower Zambezi National Park’ Facebook group

To: His Excellency Michael Chilufya Sata, President of the Republic of Zambia 

Petition: Stop ALL mining activity in the Lower Zambezi National Park, Zambia.

Dear Mr President,

As you are aware, the Minister of Lands Hon. Harry Kalaba has given Zambezi Resources Limited of Australia permission to establish an opencast copper mine in the Lower Zambezi National Park. We strongly believe that this decision is wrong. Your involvement in rescinding the Minister’s decision will:

– Help prevent the disturbance and displacement of people living in and around the Park
– Help prevent the disturbance and displacement of animals, birds and other organisms crucial to the Lower Zambezi ecosystem
– Help prevent irreversible damage from opencast mining to the Lower Zambezi landscape
– Show that we do not want to experiment with so-called “cost effective technologies and methods” (Hon. Kalaba) which are not even guaranteed. Opencast mining always leaves an indelible mark on the landscape.
– Send the right signal with regards to your government’s plan to diversify the economy away from over-reliance on copper. Because mining is not a labour-intensive activity, the jobs created from this project will be minimal, not worth the destruction of one our most important and beautiful National Parks.
– Build people’s trust in independent quasi-governmental organisations such as the Zambia Environmental Management Agency (ZEMA).
– Help restore some confidence in your Government.

Zambezi Resources Limited has been given a mining license for 25 years. Mining for even that long will bring less value to our beloved country than if we preserved and protected the National Park for the enjoyment of all Zambians and visitors from abroad.

We only have ONE ZAMBIA and we want to protect and care for it – whether people, animals or trees. We need to ask ourselves this question: What are we going to leave our children and their children and their children?

We are full of hope that you will join us in rejecting Hon. Kalaba’s decision.

Thank you sir!

Best wishes.


5 replies on “Petition to Stop ALL mining activity in the Lower Zambezi National Park, Zambia.”

Am 18 of age and i can clearly see the future to this project does not foster sustainable development. it will end up destroying the ecosystem like other copperbelt towns. I care about my country and I would like to conserve the game park as a natural heritage for my children and their childrens children. Please don’t destroyed our beloved country. Once the Ausies get want they want they will leave the open pits and heaps of soil to mess our lives.

Developed nations why do you continue to rape third world countries instead of assisting them or letting them deal with their own issues? Everything always has a price and comes with a hefty price. You know your GDP does well and your populations are not as bad as the ones in third world countries. You know you are offering Zambia the short end of the stick. You are the ones to benefit from this and after a few years when you get what you want, you will leave Zambia more poor than it is. Leave the beautiful ecosystem alone as it is soon to be declared by UNESCO as a heritage site. What about the local people who depend on agriculture in that area, what are they going to do? The animals do we just displace them? You know elephants will always return to a place they know which will cause conflict. Animals will start moving into human territory which can lead lions to start killing cattle for survival and even local people. We love our very own water source the Zambezi river and wish for it to not be polluted with toxic waste from dumping which is illegal. What do you plan to do in terms of compensation should this happen which will cause death and illness to both humans and animals. Maybe ZAWA (Zambia Wildlife Authority), Harry Kalaba Lands Minister of Environment and Protection and Minister of Tourism of Arts Sylvia Masebo and the Zambia Tourism Board don’t see anything wrong or what’s coming ahead. But we see the consequences and will fight tooth and nail to conserve and preserve instead of another developed nation coming to destroy what is rightfully ours. Please leave Zambia alone and let us rebuild our tourism economy. Because in a few years to come it will be flourishing and we will create jobs in this sector and encourage investors from around the would to join us. This is a huge mistake and the world is watching. Australia will be the downfall of not only Zambia but the other nations who share the Zambezi river should there be any kind of water contamination.

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