Jesus, the Presidents Club, and me…

This morning, I read two pieces of writing. The first was in my Bible – John chapter 4 – where Jesus meets a Samaritan woman. Jews and Samaritans didn’t mix and Jesus knew of her promiscuous life up to this point. However, he shows her the most stunning display of love and grace.

The second piece was by Madison Marriage, a Financial Times journalist. I’ll be honest: it ruined me. All day, my mind and heart have been plagued by confusing, angry thoughts about the story’s revelations. I’ve felt a deep, overwhelming sadness.


We expect better of ourselves, as 21st century, supposedly “enlightened” people. But the Bible wisely cautions against such self-confidence which, so often, leads to self-righteousness. It says: “The [human] heart is deceitful above all things; who can understand it?”

That said, it is right that we’re talking about some of these deep, societal wrongs. Truth be told, in the depths of my own heart, I see the potential for the same sexist and misogynistic attitudes displayed by the men at the Presidents Club. It’s a chilling thought and one I desperately wish wasn’t true.


I want to be like Jesus in every way. And the crazy thing is that the grace of John 4 is also on hand for me! Jesus not only acts as an inspiring example, he also gives me, as a Christian, everything I need to follow him right to the end.

So – read Madison’s piece. Weep that the world is this way. And then read John 4. And marvel at Jesus – a man like no other; the one who came to give those wronged, and those guilty of wrong, a fresh start with him.

Additional reading:

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4 replies on “Jesus, the Presidents Club, and me…”

Society has not changed but these things are much more exposed than before. Women have found a voice and are making their feelings known but many are tempted by money to work in dangerous environments. Those who have money are tempted to spend it to satisfy their carnal desires and that is how wealth can corrupt us so easily.
What we cannot do is get rid of our human nature that contains good mixed in with bad.

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