About Me


Hi! My name’s Chipo Muwowo and among other things, I’m a writer.

I enjoy long walks, reading, getting to know people better and having meaningful conversations – especially over food and drink 😉

I’m a Christian and my faith speaks of a universal yet personal God who is deeply loving – in fact, He defines love! He created life therefore every life matters and possesses inherent and permanent worth.

The conviction that this is true has encouraged me to pay closer attention to the “ordinary” things I encounter everyday – the sky, trees, people, music. Like a toddler absorbed with a new toy, I engage intensely with the world around me – its hopes, fears and frustrations, ideas, people and events – then create the physical space to probe it further. I cherish these times of solitude.

Through this blog, I am adding my voice to the stream of conversations we experience daily, hoping to bring something new and thought-provoking.

I write about society, history, politics, economics, the arts and religious faith. These are things I care about, things I’m fascinated by and things I’m most likely to get angry about. My worldview has been shaped deeply by my African heritage, my experience of living in “the diaspora” and my Christian faith.

You’re very welcome to listen in and engage 🙂

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Abit more about me: Husband, Reader, Photographer, Zambian, African, Global Citizen, Questioner, Learner, Culture-Shaper

I like: Red Grapes, Land Rovers, Afro Jazz, The Outdoors, Fried Impwa (egg plant) with lots of onion!

I dislike: Poor Twitter Hashtags, Reality TV, Complainers

I aspire to: Be an Excellent Husband, Live on a Farm and Finish Life Well