Why I Write and Lessons from Five Years of Blogging

This blog post is based on a talk I recently gave to a small group of people from my local church. It was part of an event we run for those in their 20s and 30s. The event is based loosely on the TED Talks format. Each speaker seeks to challenge and encourage those listening to learn something new: a practical skill or some piece of knowledge. We believe that God is Lord over all Creation therefore he doesn’t look down on bike fixing, or gardening, or even writing. In fact, he cares about these things. The big aim of my talk was to encourage my listeners to begin to take the first steps towards writing publicly. I did this by sharing some of the lessons I’ve learnt from my five years of blogging. Continue reading “Why I Write and Lessons from Five Years of Blogging”


Beautiful Zambia

I came across this blog by a gentleman called Nathan Kanema. Thought I’d share some of his amazing photos.

It goes without saying . . . Zambia is beautiful. It’s a country greatly blessed with huge swathes of beautiful, unspoilt scenery. Makes me want to explore it even more! And as a Christian, seeing these images makes me even more in awe of God the Creator.


Thanks for sharing Nathan.