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The BRICS: A view from South Africa

Last month the offices of a London law firm played host to a Royal African Society event entitled ‘The BRICS: A view from South Africa’. Dr Martyn Davies, CEO of Frontier Advisory, a South African research, strategy and investment advisory firm was invited to speak. His talk was wide-ranging and included an analysis of South Africa’s current […]


The fuller picture

In his 2001 speech to the Labour Party conference, then British Prime Minister Tony Blair called for a concerted global effort to supporting Africa; a commitment that aimed to end poverty and political tyranny on the continent. He said, “The state of Africa is a scar on the conscience of the world, but if the […]


Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala on doing business in Africa

“[Africa] is a continent of many countries, not one country. If we are down to three or four conflicts, it means that there are plenty of opportunities to invest in stable, growing, exciting economies where there’s plenty of opportunity.” Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, former Nigerian Finance Minister and former World Bank Vice President, speaks at this TED […]