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They Say Home is Where the Heart is. But What if Your Heart is in More Than One Place?

I hopped onto my bike and started to ride. It was half past 7 in the morning but it was still very dark outside. I pedalled enthusiastically, hoping that I would warm up quickly. Each vigorous push of the pedal only seemed to invite the cold wind my way. At this point, what I really wanted was my bed plus […]

The Arts

Beautiful Zambia

I came across this blog by a gentleman called Nathan Kanema. Thought I’d share some of his amazing photos. It goes without saying . . . Zambia is beautiful. It’s a country greatly blessed with huge swathes of beautiful, unspoilt scenery. Makes me want to explore it even more! And as a Christian, seeing these […]


Sports development: Community as the context

It’s now been three weeks since the end of the London 2012 Summer Olympic Games. In case you’ve been experiencing withdrawal symptoms, fear not because the Paralympics started this week. Sporting fever and excitement is still well and truly alive! The Olympics were a fantastic display of impressive sporting talent, commitment, teamwork and much more. […]